Our Vision
To transform lives by increasing wealth building and personal development opportunities for diverse populations; and to transform communities by supporting faith-based, charitable and community development initiatives in underserved neighborhoods across America.

The mission of the Nehemiah Community Foundation is to propel the intellectual, spiritual, and economic growth of diverse populations on a path to self-sufficiency.

Nehemiah Emerging Leaders Program

Founded in 2009, the Nehemiah Emerging Leaders Program (NELP) brings together a group of high-potential, young adults in a 10-month program to develop a set of skills, abilities and relationships that will enable them to move up the leadership ladder both professionally and in civic engagement. Integrating the proven best practices of CORO and the American Leadership Forum, NELP engages its Fellows in a rigorous and comprehensive experience to expand their networks and sphere of influence.

To learn more about NELP, please visit www.nelpleaders.org